Concerned Mother Freaks Out After She Finds “Drugs” Inside Her Daughter’s Room, But Then She Puts The Pills Inside Water…

It’s not easy being a parent these days. There are so many things trying to corrupt your innocent child’s mind. You can’t possibly protect them from every single thing, but you can do your best to give them the tools they need to make the correct decisions in life.

And we have to imagine the mother of 16-year-old Ashley Banks believed she was doing a good job. Ashley gets good grades in school, doesn’t stay out late, and has managed to stay away from drugs.

Or has she? During a recent text message conversation, Ashley asked her mother to get a calculator from her room.


While she was looking for the calculator, she found what she believed to be a bag full of drugs. She took a photo of the drugs and sent the following message to Ashley…


As you can see, she was NOT happy. It looked like Ashley was going to be grounded for the rest of high school. She would be live streaming prom and graduation from her bedroom. She would have to take vitamin D pills because she would never feel the sun on her skin again.

But before the punishment happened, Ashley wanted her mother to do one thing.


That’s right, folks. Those “drugs” were actually the little capsules that magically turn into neat-looking sponges when soaked in water. Ashley’s mother went from worrying that her little girl was growing up too fast, to worrying she wasn’t growing up fast enough.


Images via: Twitter