Converse Just Launched a Wedding Shoe Collection for Brides Who Want Comfort Under Their Gowns

Everybody knows that during a wedding the bride is usually the most stressed person there. Most often than not, a bride would rather change from her heels to comfy sneakers of flip-flops just to be more relaxed. But she will bear the pain of her heels just so her day will be perfect. What would you give if you were to get married and be allowed to wear your go-to chucks, right?

Well here’s good news for you. Converse had just released its Converse Wedding Sneakers Collection. Now you don’t have to stand in heels and bear the pain of your feet all throughout the whole ceremony. The party lasts well through the night? No problem, you can dance the night away with these comfy, yet incredibly stellar new collection from our favorite sneaker brand.


Truth be told, we all wish that marriages withstand all the tests of time. What better way to celebrate the start of it than by wearing wedding sneakers from a brand that has already withstood time and has proven to be a staple in many generations? The classic converse style was first introduced in 1917. Today, it still is the staple shoes of every generation, no matter what “clique” they belong to.

The wedding collection of Converse has every style that you can think of. It is available in high cuts, low cuts, with pearls, sequined, and even the classic rose gold sassy look for every bride. But that’s not all, the line also comes with a men’s line so the groom and even the groomsmen won’t feel left out.

You can also opt to have your dream shoes customized. Just email Converse so you can start creating your wedding sneakers.

Featured image credit: Instagram and Instagram