Crazy Cat Lady Organizing And Gift-Giving Ideas (Photos)

It’s the holiday season. You probably have at least one crazy cat lady in your family. They’re generally difficult to shop for. Not anymore. Or maybe you’re the crazy cat lady and you’re having trouble keeping your kitties organized?

These handy ideas for Crazy Cat Lady Organizers are cost-effective and perfect for gift-giving!

The Stacker

Allows you to handily stack from three to eight cat spaces in a colorful display. This keeps your kitties organized, and can even be color-coordinated to match any room decor. Because each piece is sold separately, add-ons are easy as your cat-lover adopts more and more cats over time.

Stack-able Kitty Organizer
Stack-able Kitty Organizer. 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook.

Kitty Bunk Beds

This beautiful piece of furniture can be an addition to any room decor. It affords cute little personal beds for three kitties, complete with tiny comforters and pillows! Sure to keep kitties comfortable in any weather.

Kitty Bunk Beds. 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook.

Countertop Storage

If you have smaller cats or kittens and plenty of countertop space, you might want to consider these classy drawer sets. They can be multi-purposed for kittens and extra storage for kitchen utensils, office supplies, or your socks and underwear.

Kitty Organizer Drawers for countertop storage. 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook.

Handy Carry Buckets (with handles)

These handy buckets are purfect for the crazy cat lady on the go. Easily tote your kitties from room to room in these simple, yet elegant, clear buckets with color-coordinated handles.

crazy cat
Buckets O’ Kitties for quick and easy transport from room to room. 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook.

Not So Handy Carry Buckets (without handles)

These might be flower pots, or maybe small trash containers? Who cares – we’re re-purposing them as kitty storage! They can be color coordinated for your room, or used as accent style in any decor. Without handles, they aren’t as handy for toting your kitties from room to room, but they sure are adorable!

Handy Carry Buckets (with handles)
Buckets O’ Kitties for a colorful accent to any room. 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook.


These serve absolutely no purpose – they’re just cute as all heck so I stuffed (ha ha – see what I did there?) them in here!
Purritos – just because they’re adorable. 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook.

Mega Storage Organizer

We saved the best for last! This sturdy organizer can handle 15-18 cats easily, with 12 individual cubbies and plenty of rooftop storage for communal cuddling!
The ultimate in Crazy Cat Lady storage units. 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook.

A special hat tip to 3dfirstaid visual architecture on Facebook. Their photo posting of these oft-seen images inspired me to create this article and put them all in one location.