These Geese With Their Own Marching Band Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

This gaggle of geese following marching band members on a city sidewalk is the most adorable thing you’ll see all day. Maybe all week or month. And I’m not sure if this video is the same as the one in Heerewaarden, the Netherlands, or not. Maybe, just maybe, geese are taking over the world.

Here in the South — I live in Raleigh, N.C. — we see gaggles of geese out a lot, usually obstructing traffic in the cutest way possible so they can cross the street. But maybe the ones I’ve seen here in Raleigh were just going to band practice. OK, that was a bad joke. I know that now. Don’t judge me:)

ducks marching band

What I want to know is who thinks of this stuff. Like, for example, did someone just stand up and announce, “I know! I’ve got it! I’m going to start a marching band for geese!” Then all of their friends patted their buddy on the back after breaking out in applause over their idea about geese. I’m not sure how that works.

ducks marching band

Geese are curious animals. They very rarely attack humans, but it has happened. They’re very territorial animals, which is probably why they sometimes have a bad reputation. Sometimes they get a bad rep, but that’s unusual because they are clearly adorable.

One person on YouTube wrote:

I know this sounds completely crazy…but I want them at my wedding, as like…the opener. Before the wedding starts, the geese do a little parade.

I’m right there with you. Well, except for the marrying part. I’m not doing that again, but I wouldn’t mind having some geese as my besties.

Are these the same geese? I don’t want to sound geese-ophobic or anything, but they all look alike to me.

I think I need a life. I’ll go work on that right now. Until next time!