Deaf West Go To Washington

The Americans with Disabilities and the Arts conference at the White House featured the wonderfully talented cast of Broadway’s Spring Awakening by Deaf West. Deaf West is bursting doors once thought closed to people with disabilities and proving deaf people can do amazing things that many would never have dreamed possible. Spring Awakening was recently nominated for 15 Ovation Awards. Ali Stroker became the first in history to perform on Broadway in a wheelchair. Krysta Rodriguez never let breast cancer treatment stand in her way. The cast includes Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin and Golden Globe Award winner Camryn Manheim. Some of the most talented young deaf actors have worked hard to bring a musical theater experience that is enriching to the eyes as well as the ears. On another incredible note, many outside the deaf community were introduced to Leah Katz-Hernandez the receptionist in the West Wing of the White House who is also deaf. She is the first person seen by all visitors to the West Wing of the White House, including dignitaries and heads of state.

Social media exploded as fans took to Facebook and Twitter singing praises and frantically discussing where to watch the live stream broadcast from the White House. After the event the cast took to social media as well posting pictures and generally sharing their excitement. Everyone knew how special a moment it was and wanted to be a part of it.

This is an amazing show with a stellar cast. Do yourself a favor and go see Deaf West’s Spring Awakening!

Featured Image courtesy of Deaf West’s Facebook page.