Do THIS To Survive If Your Car Is Sinking Underwater

Imagine certain scary situations in life and what would you do if you happen to be stuck in one of them.

How about getting caught in a car that is sinking underwater? It doesn’t matter how you got there. Perhaps you made a wrong turn and your car fell into a lake. The question is what would you do in such a situation?

Many may panic if found in such a spot, but panicking in the face of disaster is the last thing you want to do. In truth, there are still options available to you if sinking underwater in a car, so you need to control yourself long enough to try them.

First, you need to unbuckle yourself. Then, try to roll down the window as it is harder to open a door against the water.

However, you may have roughly only 30 seconds to roll down the window before it becomes impossible to roll down the windows because of water pressing against it.

If you can’t get the window down in time, then you need to break it. The middle of a window or windshield is usually the hardest to break. Instead, you need to focus on breaking the edge of a window as they are easier to shatter. Ideally, there is a blunt object such as a wrench or a screwdriver around to smash against the edges.

Keep in mind, the greater the water pressure, the tougher it is to break through the glass. That means the deeper you go, the tougher it will be to break through. So don’t hesitate and hope for the glass to crack on its own. Attack the edges right away.

There are special tools, such as Lifehammer, that can allow for breaking of glass and you should have one in your car, perhaps in the armrest compartment.

The biggest thing is don’t hesitate and even try to call 911 if your car is going under. Act fast and get the children out first (if there are any in the car) as they are more likely to struggle swimming upwards.

Screengrab via: Youtube