Down to Earth 4-Year-Old Gets His Own Garbage Truck Parade on His Birthday

When my older brother was in prep school, they were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up. Some of his classmates wanted to be a doctor, engineer, or even a pilot, but my brother wanted to be a taxi driver to everyone’s’ amusement: simple dream and simple joy.

Just like Wolfgang Reader or Wolfy to his friends and family, this four-year-old boy whose aspiration is so simple. He is so obsessed with garbage trucks and collectors. Friday mornings are the scheduled day for his adored trucks to make their run up the street. And being a permanent feature on Fridays to the garbage collectors, D.J. and Drew, in particular, became his pals and superheroes, earning them the nickname Wolfpack.

Due to the effect of this COVID 19, where everyone was in lockdown, Wolfy won’t be able to have a big birthday bash. So he can have only a couple of friends to come and share a cake. Since his birthday fell on a Wednesday, his mother was doubtful if the Wolfpack would make it because trash collection day is on a Friday. However, his grandmother wanted to make this a special one. She wrote the City Toronto telling them of his loyalty to his garbage truck buddies.

On the morning of his birthday, to the surprise of the family and the birthday boy’s delight, four bright green garbage trucks came down the street with their horns honking. Drew, without D.J., came with several other trash collectors bringing trash-related gifts. They spent close to an hour with him sharing a cake and playing. They are the kind, gentle soul who is willing to give a simple joy to the simple dream of a boy. Watch below and see the friendship and the bond they shared.

What a sweet gesture from a 4-year-old boy!