Ever Wondered Exactly How Overnight Shipping Works? This Video Explains It

I saw this video and almost skipped over it. In fact, I opened it up, saw that it was 11 minutes, and my A.D.H.D. brain said “NOPES!” and closed out of it. However, then I thought to myself….”Wait. I really do want to know exactly how overnight shipping works.” So I opened it back up. We have all used overnight shipping at one time or another, whether we’ve had something sent to us or we’ve sent something to someone else. Let’s watch this video and see exactly how the miracle and masterpiece of overnight shipping really goes down.

The video says that “overnight shipping is an absolute masterpiece of logistics that happens every single night.” This is literally what made me say, “Yep, I’m watching it.” That’s an intriguing sentence and I’m glad they put it at the very beginning of the video. They go on to explain that you can ship a package from Edinburgh, Scotland on a Tuesday and have the package arrive by 9:00 a.m. on a Wednesday. Mindboggling! The three major consumer courier companies are UPS, FedEx, and DHL. They’re all equally impressive. DHL delivers to every single country in the world, including North Korea. Who knew?

How does overnight shipping work FedEx UPS DHL

All of the companies operate hundreds of flights every night. FedEx is the largest cargo airline in the world. The company has 650 planes flying to 400 destinations to deliver six million packages every day, and the majority of the flights happen to and from one of the company’s hug airports. Their super-hub is in Memphis, Tennessee and that, too, is by design because of its proximity to other resources.

How does overnight shipping work FedEx UPS DHL

Check out the video below.

And now you know.

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