The Dancing Grannies Strutting at Stafford Will Lift Whatever Mood You Are In

A group of seemingly elderly women has taken the internet by storm. And no, it’s not because of some cute knit or a delicious meal, but their jaw-dropping moves and grooves! Most grandparents don’t have any clue what twerking is, let alone dance it themselves. But these four grannies went onto some “impromptu” dance battle and showed everyone that they can still bust some sweet moves. With their grey hair, long, flower-printed skirts, and conservative cardigans, they sprang into action with some dance hits, including Low by Flo Rider, Single Ladies by Beyonce, and Psy’s Gangnam Style. They even have canes, curlers, and some comically huge glasses and booties to complete the look.

The troupe performed at Stafford in the West Midlands and has since become a local icon. I mean, who’d miss those looks, especially when they start strutting? More interestingly, they all seem to be eligible for Social Security. Aren’t their bones cracking or something? How did they even do it? They’ve initially got the crowd in stitches with their age-defying routines, but the cat’s then been out of the bag! These performers aren’t actually “grannies” themselves; they just dress like one. The four women are actually performers of the Fizzog Productions, a local theatre company.

grannies-staffordThey’ve all met in college while studying Community Theatre, about 20 years ago, and have been dancing together since then. And if you’re still confused about their age, let me enumerate them to you one by one. While filming the video, the fleet-footed quartet was aged only between 33 and 51. Namely, Emma Rollason was 33, Sue Hawkins was 42, Deb Nicholls was 42 as well, and Jackie Fellows was 51. Regardless of their age, they definitely did hit the floor and got low, low, low!

dancing-grannies-struttingEnjoy watching the video below and get a kick out of their jive.

Who’s your favorite granny so far? The way they used some good old-fashioned silliness to entertain everyone truly gave me a chuckle. Nice one, Nan!