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Fashion Industry Exposed! Woman Proves Size Means Nothing

Screenshot Via Twitter

The fashion industry has caused emotional distress on women everywhere. Between photoshopping and deeming a size 12 to be plus size, it’s no wonder young women are prone to eating disorders.

They’re not just promoting an unattainable body size, though.

Deena Shoemaker took to the internet to show there is no such thing as a true clothing size. She posted six images of her wearing shorts and pants, all side by side, along with the size of each item.

Since she hadn’t experienced any weight fluctuation, all of the sizes should be the same. Right?


It starts with a five and ends with a twelve, proving our body measurements aren’t taken into consideration when determining pant size.

Source: Facebook

In addition to showing the blatant lies about clothing sizes, she talks about how damaging this can be to young women. Especially when a designer resizes and then labels something plus size, when the original size wasn’t a plus. Talk about sending mixed signals.

Shoemaker went into great detail about how difficult this can be to young women. Towards the end, she made a bold statement to girls everywhere who struggle with body image:

“And to you; my dear beautiful girls, my size 2 girls or my size 18 girls, your size doesn’t determine your beauty; your life does.

You can read her entire post here.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter 

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