Figure Skater’s Enchanting Routine to ‘Hallelujah’ Gets 24 Million YouTube Views

The popular sport of figure skating has gained a continued rise in popularity, probably because people get so fascinated about the sports and the ice skaters’ flawless gliding. Viewers love how they glide smoothly, and despite the full bodily force they impose on their body movements, they always appear so effortlessly beautiful. At other times, they would often think as if they are flying or floating. And like many other sports enthusiasts, at the same time admiring the skaters for the discipline they commit every day for their daily regimen to remain on top of their chosen field.

Their performances become more appealing when accompanied by a popular tune that is close to the heart of many. Just like the most sung song by Leonard Cohen, “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke, it was indeed the perfect background to the performance of Taryn Jurgensen. In this video, Taryn Jurgensen delivered so well. She glided the ice so powerfully yet with grace and elegance cementing her victory during the competition. In this performance, she was choreographed by no less than the multi-awarded ice skater, turned politician, Karen Kwan. Also known as the popular sister of another reputable ice skater Michelle Kwan. The video has since become a massive hit!

taryn jurgensen figure skating leonard cohen hallelujah

In her performance, Taryn glides and flows with immense passion, owning the rink with her powerful grace. The audience was undoubtedly reduced to silence as she gave her all this moment she has wanted to capture. So immense that after watching, you can’t help but feel your eyes mist with tears. Unknown to many, this skater is more than a pretty face as she is an advocate of women’s empowerment. The advocacy that she represents is a big contrast to what Figure Skating was back then, where only men were allowed to compete.

taryn jurgensen figure skating leonard cohen hallelujah

Taryn is also known for her other performance, like the other video she released as her way of honoring someone she holds dear. And like her Hallelujah performance, she gave all the emotions to free herself from the grave pain of loss. She once narrated that this performance sets her free from all the heavy feelings she had long held inside. So human that it made her so real to her followers. Since then, the video has become another Taryn’s big hit video in the online world.

Salute to your talent, Taryn, and know that we are one with you in bringing women’s right to the fore!