Figure Skating Pair Performs Sizzling Hot Routine to ‘Say Something’

Say Something is an extremely emotional and moving song. It depicts someone who was on the verge of ending or giving up the relationship but at the same time, he/she was still grasping in the tiny hope that it can still be salvageable as long as the other person says something that will keep him/her stay. It portrays a situation that all of us went through at a certain time in our life. This beautiful song was sung by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera and won a Grammy award last 2015 in the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. That same year, it became the chosen song for another Duo competition. Although, instead of the STAPLES Center the setting of the ceremony was on the ice. This heartbreaking song was chosen by Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje to perform their winning routine last 2015.

Kaitlyn Weaver is an American-Canadian ice dancer who’s already a three-time World medalist at the age of 29. She started her love in figure skating at the young age of 6. Then, she became interested in ice dancing at the age of 11. She joined the duo competition in 2006 US national pewter medalists where she partnered with Charles Clavey. Together, they finished 4th in the ice dancing category at Junior level. Sadly, they parted ways after the competition.


Although, it might be a blessing in disguise since eventually she was partnered with the Canadian Andrew Poje who is also a three-time World medalist. He started his love for ice dancing at the age of 7. Unlike Kaitlyn, he already partnered with two other incredible ice dancers. He won his first Canadian novice silver medal when he competed with Alexandra Nino. Then, he was partnered with Alice Graham in 2004. Together they won a bronze medal on the junior level at the 2005 Canadian Championships. Two more years will pass before he will meet his ice dancing soulmate, Kaitlyn Weaver. Seeing Kaitlyn and Andrew together is electrifying, they ooze undeniable chemistry whenever they are performing.



One great example is the award-winning ice dance that they performed in the World Figure Skating Championship last 2015. The couple provides a very emotional and touching performance while dancing with the song “Say Something”. In a well-choreographed routine, Kaitlyn and Andrew moved the audience by their impressive glides, jumps, spins, and lifts.

You can watch their incredibly moving performance below:

My favorite parts of the routine were the amazing and breathtaking lifts. One was when Andrew lifted Kaitlyn while just using one hand and another was when he lifted her while she was gliding tilted on the floor. Their sizzling performance gave me a Dirty Dancing meets Titanic vibe.