Find Out What Made These Two Inseparable For 100 Years

Being with someone for over 100 years is certainly something special, especially if you are identical twins. Say hello to Mary Belle Roach and Mae Belle Powell, or better known as “The Wallace Twins”, a nickname they have long gotten from their maiden names which has stuck over the years.

What make their centenarian lives so special are the memories they created together and their inseparable bond with each other. They were born during World War I on March 25, 1916 in Symsonia, Kentucky. They were teenagers that time when the Great Depression shook the country.

During those difficult times, the sisters were lucky enough to continue studying at Murray State College.

The twins sometimes took advantage of their similar appearance.

“She can’t hit a ball to save her life so I would go to gym class for her and she would write my book reports for me”, said Roach.

After college, the duo married best friends they had grown up with and taught at Symsonia Elementary School. They taught in the same classrooms, right across the hall from each other for 42 years.

They even bought motor homes with their husbands and travelled the country together. Both have passed on but the dynamic duo continues their adventures. They even moved into the same house recently.

“We’re together all the time; we’ve never been separated,” said Roach. “That’s all we know: to love each other.”

“I need her all the time,” Powell added. “We’ve had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful life and still have it.”

Truly, having a twin is like finding your soul mate.


All images including the featured image via Today.