Frontliners in Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey Are Greeted with This Uplifting Message

With the overwhelming number of patients who need immediate care, add it up with the constant danger that the virus brings, saying that hospital workers have been under a lot of strain is a complete understatement. Coronavirus has hit the world hard and it’s taking a toll on our health and wellness- especially to the frontline workers. They have been risking their lives every day to save ours. So you can just imagine the fatigue, heightened stress, and even fear that they get to encounter each day just to serve us and ensure our safety.

With that in mind, a medical center in New Jersey made sure these tireless health care workers know that their hard works are seen and appreciated. With the hopes to brighten up their days and even put a smile on their faces, Morristown Memorial Hospital has surprised the frontliners with a simple but adorable act. They’ve filled the sidewalk with sweet words of encouragement! It may not seem much but to the exhausted and extra anxious hospital workers, these simple words are like a balm that soothes them.

The messages were strategically written on the pavement just right in front of the entrance doors of the medical center. They were also written in colorful chalks that definitely shout “read me”. It was filled with gratitude and encouragement to all the restless heroes who never fail to deliver their oath. They get to start their shift with a cheering message that reads, “If you are just arriving, thank you for what you are about to do!” And end it with a comforting message that reads, “If you are leaving, thank you for what you did.” That way, they enter and leave work with the reminder of how much difference and help their making. And that all these are not for naught.

Through tough times, even simple things like this truly go a long way. Even these heroes need some strength and hope to keep going. And acts like this surely do find a way to touch their hearts and boost their camaraderie.