Genius Invention Makes It Super Easy To Remove That Unwanted Spider From Your Home

We know spiders don’t deserve to die just because we are terrified of them. They’re actually extremely beneficial, and they survive by eating other pests (roaches, mosquitoes, etc) you don’t want hanging around your home.

But sometimes it’s too risky to trap them with a glass and a piece of paper. You don’t want the creepy thing to bite you, so smashing it with a shoe is usually the only solution.

Well, now you have options. A clever father from Ireland has created the perfect solution. You can now easily catch the spiders and release them outside your home with the My Critter Catcher. The product has actually been around for a few years, but it’s just now going viral thanks to being picked up by Insider.

You can click here to visit the Critter Catcher website.

Screengrab via: Youtube