Keep Your Hands Busy: 7 Fidget Toys For When You’re On The Go

Have you seen those spinner toys that the kids like nowadays? Not only are they fun, they serve to keep you busy and help you focus when you can’t keep still. These toys were originally made for children with anxiety, autism, and attention disorders, but they can help anyone as long as they’re used responsibly. Fidget toys don’t stop at spinners, though – there are a lot of different toys that people can use to fidget with! Here are 7 fidget toys that will definitely keep your hands busy.

Disclaimer: Please use these toys responsibly and respectfully, especially in public places. Be considerate to those with disabilities. Thank you.

1. Spinners

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These are the most popular fidget toys at the moment. Just press the button and watch how fast it goes! You can find a lot of different models on Amazon.

2. This Edamame Puppy Keychain

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Not only is this a cute keychain, it’s also functional for when you have restless hands! These little puppy beans (or mameshiba, as they’re called in Japan) can pop in and out of their pouch for endless fidgeting fun. Check it out here.

3. Rubik’s Cube

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Rubik’s cubes come in different shapes and sizes, so they’re great for when you need something to do on the go. Also, they don’t just work your fingers – they work your mind too! Try one for yourself.

4. This Tiny Shift Lever

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This is an odd concept for a toy, but it would definitely give you something to do with your hands. Maybe you could even pretend that you’re driving a tiny car. Get one here.

5. This Squishy Kitty Burger

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Stress balls have always been a favorite of mine in terms of fidget toys, but look how cute this one is! Why is it a burger? I’m not sure. Anyway, you can buy one here.

6. Fidget Rings

These look like so much fun! You might not want to use them in a quiet room, though. Order one here, but due to high demand it might take a while.

7. Fidget Cubes

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You could say that this is several toys in one little cube! It’s specially designed to be as sensory as possible – how cool is that? Check it out here.

To see more cool fidget toys, check out this article from Buzzfeed!

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