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Jobs People Have That You Don’t Realize Exist

*This article contains language that might not be suitable for children and/or workplaces. Enjoy at your own risk.

There are television shows across all channels devoted to dredging through jobs we, as people, do not want. Whether we choose not to think about them or whether we have grown too familiar with their presence, there are many jobs in existence that are obvious once we actually think about them.

But, there are some we don’t even realize exist.

For example, there are people who have full-time jobs doing nothing but milling flour. You know, that powdery stuff in the baking aisle that toddlers seem to gravitate towards. That stuff doesn’t simply appear, it is milled down from grains. You would be surprised as to how many people do not really understand where our food in our grocery stores really comes from.

And there is a full-time job for milling that grain.

Another example: there are people called “aviculturists” whose sole job is to help breed endangered species back to their normal population numbers. They intervene when issues with copulation arise, chart things such as food intake and nesting habits, and help create the ideal conditions for their mating rituals.

They are the mood-setters of the endangered animal kingdom.

And trust me, the jobs only get weirder and more intriguing from there.

There Are Makers Of Barbie’s Fashions

Image courtesy of Reddit.

And People Paid To Make You Pay.

Image courtesy of Reddit.

There Are Jobs Unknown To The Public Sector

Image courtesy of Reddit.

And Jobs That Should Have OBVIOUS Benefits

Image courtesy of Reddit.

There Are Jobs That Seem Obvious

Image courtesy of Reddit.

And Jobs That Seem Hellish

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Jobs We Don’t Want To Think About

Image courtesy of Reddit.


Image courtesy of Reddit.

There Are Jobs Born From Trends

Image courtesy of Reddit.

And Jobs Born Out Of Necessity

Image courtesy of Reddit.

There Are Jobs Fit For Television Shows

Image courtesy of Reddit.

And Jobs Only Bearable With WiFi

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Some Jobs Have Inherent Dangers

Image courtesy of Reddit.

And Some Jobs Exist That Make Us Question Reality

Image courtesy of Reddit.
Image courtesy of Reddit.

But the point of all this is to prove to people that even the emptiest and most mundane and outlandish things have someone behind-the-scenes controlling the entire scenario.

Ever wondered how your coffee mug is made? There’s a job for that.

Ever wondered where your carpet comes from? There’s a job for that.

Ever thought about how water foundations get put together before they are installed in buildings?

There’s even a job for that.

If it exists, someone had to make it. If you are ingesting it, someone had to grow it. If you are importing it, someone is having to export it.

And if you are feeling safe, someone somewhere is paid to test that safety.


Featured image courtesy of Pexels/Public Domain.

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