Grandfather Has Most Hilarious Reaction When He Finds Out He’s 98: ‘Holy F*#k!’

If you’re “older,” at what point did you feel your age? There’s something about a number that affects some of us. For example, 50 was the not-so-magical number for me. However, in my mind, I’m still 18 and probably always will be. I’m not unique. Most people say that kind of stuff. After all, age is just a number

In the video below, you’ll meet an old man who is astonished to discover how old he is. And when he finds out, he lets loose with expletives like “Holy F*ck!” and “I’m an old f*#cking man!” This is hilarious. And what’s remarkable is that for a guy who forgot how old he is, his mind is sharp as f*#k!

If I Live to be 100 Centenarians wisdom


That’s one sharp man! Love him. I hope he lived to see 100 and more. What a character he is.