Habits Of Bitter People — And How To Avoid Becoming One Of Them

Negativity is one of the main causes of a person becoming a bitter person, always upset and always complaining. They generally get this way over time by focusing on negative aspects of life. The truth is, everyone has good and bad things happen in their life, and they can choose whether to let it destroy them or not. No one likes being around a very negative and bitter person, and that makes their life even harder.

Avoid the negativity then, to avoid becoming a bitter person. Avoiding negativity doesn’t mean you deny the negative, but you make a conscious decision to not let it control your future.

There are five character traits that are particularly nasty when it comes to being a bitter person. Here are five things that can cause bitterness, and how you can avoid letting that happen.

Holding a grudge, and constantly having to remind everyone what happened years ago. This eats up energy and time of yourself and those around you. The better way is to learn to move on and let it go. Letting go means you refuse to focus on it. You might learn from it, but don’t let it determine the course of the rest of your life.

Acting out for attention. Bitter people often cause drama to get attention, perhaps because its all they know how to do. A better way is to let your actions and character do the acting. Let people see the real you through your actions, and that is how you get real respect and attention.

Jealousy is another negative trait that can be a hassle. You don’t need to tear down other people because of their success, and it is counter productive to think it would be more fair if you had their good fortune. There is some luck involved in everything. It is better to work for what you want, and be happy for others when they are successful. Being negative or jealous wont help you achieve anything anyway.

Becoming jaded is similar to jealousy in a way. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. When you are jaded or cynical, you set yourself up for failure. To some degree we do get what we think we will get. We need to realize sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen.

Focusing on the negative then, is the main thing that can make you bitter.