This Hashtag Is Every Bit Of Humor You Needed This Week

Even when the world feels as if it is collapsing around us, Twitter finds a way to pull us back from the brink and instill within us a sense of faith in humanity’s honesty. At times, they tell us grave truths, other times they expose real-life wants, and other times the humor is simply outstanding.

This week was a week for humor to reign supreme.

#RuinA2000sFilm was a trending hashtag that swept the website as thousands of people flocked to their beloved social media site to show us exactly how you can ruin the movies of the millennium turnover.

And they are absolutely priceless.

Some utilized incredibly popular memes.

Some took a stab at our diets.

Some were laced with incredible humor.

And even more took a stab at our beautiful life of popular culture.

But, so many of them took a jab at our politics.

No, really. So. Many. Political. Ruins.

But, through it all, there is always a truth to these trending hashtags Twitter popularizes.

Twitter is what will get us through the coming months.

I’m sure of it.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.