Haters Of The World Unite!

Online dating is a complex phenomenon. Will he/she like my photo, hobbies, or other preferences? Is there a better way of finding out whether we can match well with another person? Maybe Tinder has been making us look in the wrong direction. Maybe the only way to reach mutual liking is to dive into hatred.

A new online dating app called Hater may have the solution. This app is taking everyone by storm thanks to its ingenious philosophy. Rather than trying to match people based on their likes, they do so based on what they hate. If you think about it, we are best defined by what we hate. We all usually like similar things; however, our hatred for particular things shows our true colors and better helps others quickly sympathize with us or reject us. In addition, there is no better icebreaker than talking openly about a common hatred of a sports team, meal, or garment. The idea might seem outrageous at first but … give it a try, haters of the world!

The article by Metro further describes how this innovative app works.

Haters Gonna Hate

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Yes, She’s The One … She’s A Hater!

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I Like Anyone Who Dislikes Cargo Shorts

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