Haunted Hotel – Landmark Inn, Marquette Michigan

It took 13 years to complete construction on the Northland Hotel, located in Marquette, Michigan. Beginning in 1917, construction continued until the hotel finally opened on January 8, 1930. With 100 rooms, it operated as a full-service hotel until falling into disrepair and closing in 1982.

Thirteen years later in 1995 it was purchased and refurbished from top to bottom, reopening as the Landmark Inn in 1997. The Inn boasts a long list of famous guests that have visited over the years, including Maya Angelou, Abbott and Costello, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and many others.

Amelia Earhart once occupied room 502, which now bears her name and is said to receive haunting visits from her to this day. She isn’t the only lingering “guest” in this haunted hotel, but the current owners don’t advertise the hauntings.

Beautiful Architectural details abound in the Landmark Inn. Photo from Landmark Inn Facebook page.

The hauntings are rumored to have begun as early as the 1930s, when a forlorn librarian lost her lover to a storm in the waters of Lake Superior. She is said to wander the sixth floor, awaiting the return of her lost love. She is also said to appear in the Lilac Room. Hotel staff have tales of being at the front desk and receiving calls from the Lilac Room even though no guests are registered and the room remains locked. It is said that the room can only be opened by women.

Following a murder that occurred in the hotel, workers in the basement area have heard weeping and a soft female voice urging them toward her. The murder reportedly happened upstairs in a fit of rage upstairs by a man who found out his girl was lying about other affairs. He hid the body in the then-unfinished basement where the hauntings are said to take place.

Flickering lights, odd touches in the night, children’s voices, visions of wispy old women in period dress dating to the early days of the hotel. There are a lot of other reported spooky happenings at the Landmark. Makes me almost want to put this haunted hotel on my bucket list.

Featured image is a screen grab from video.