He Had to Leave School to Enlist, 65 Years Later, He Went Back and Got His Diploma

Everyone has an ambition, something to follow a path to fulfill this, it is a strong desire to reach this dream. In achieving this it requires a lot of hard work and determination, those who do more, give more have this powerful drive to aspire bigger and go further. However, some unavoidable circumstances will have this stumbling block to fulfill this desire. Some obstacles will come along the way but this should not stop us from following this vision.

Paul Mackey, an 84-year-old U.S. Marine veteran‘s dream is to receive his high school diploma. But he had to leave school and be part of the graduates of Class’54 at Texas High School in Texarkana. He chose instead to serve the country and joined the U.S. Army Reserves in the mid-1970s fighting during the Korean War that was going on then. He thought it would seem exciting since some of his friends had just come back from the war.

He served ten years as a Marine fighting the Korean War for his country. He was among the last of the Korean War to retire from the Army Reserves. The Texas Education Code permits school districts to provide diplomas to veterans who were honorably discharged and served in World War II, Korean or Vietnam Wars and were supposed to be graduates between 1950 through 1975. He took advantage of this and continue his education.

Mackey was able to get his GED and did college while serving his country. And now after years of struggle finally his education is complete thanks to his wife Anne a retired educator who is the driving force to fulfill his ambition. Watch this inspiring story here.

His advice to the young kids is to be smart, stay in school, and stay focused on your vision.