Here Are 22 Life-Sized Teddy Bears Riding a Rollercoaster Because Why Not

While the world is in quarantine, nature heals itself. Mother nature gets to benefit from less pollution, reduced factory operations, few planes in the air, and of course, fewer car rides. The life and economy stopped for a while. These are just a few of nature’s benefits from the sudden coming of pandemic early this year. Humanity is called to stay home as a way to save lives. Malls themed parks, restaurants, salons, and establishments closed. And some closed down permanently. And while humanity is struggling to survive, some bears are having some fun! And when we say bears are having fun, we meant life-sized bears in a roller coaster ride!

Walibi Holland, a Dutch theme park invited some guests as they reopen from months-long closing of establishments due to pandemic. Before they go live and officially open, the theme park’s management reserved the first rides to twenty-two life-sized bears free of charge! What an excellent way to start the fun in the park! Posted in Walibi Holland’s Youtube channel is a video they documented during the bears’ roller coaster ride. The lucky bears rode in a coaster called Untamed. Untamed is the park’s newest ride with a 116-foot drop and exerts a maximum speed of 57 mph. Not only that, it has five inversions.

The video shows that bears are enjoying every second of their ride- as if they are flying like a flock of birds but with protective straps on. Even on quarantine and economic restrictions, the pandemic isn’t enough to stop the park’s management to entertain people, true to its purpose. And of course, while in lockdown, the park renovates other rides to be technically equipped when the day comes, and all are allowed to go out.

Thought that humans are the only ones who can have a blast riding in a roller coaster, but boy, we’re wrong! Bears do too! We assure you that it is one of the cutest things on the internet today! So here is a little sunshine to brighten up your day. Go and check out the video below:

Wonderful things arent just confined to outdoor travels. Having fun with your family at home, bonding with sumptuous meals, or exciting activities is more memorable. Outdoor fun with family, perhaps in an amusement park is just so unique.