Ice Dancers Skate Super Sizzling Routine to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’

There is something about ice dancers that make them look exceptionally sexy. It may be the tight costumes, the affectionate choreography, or the graceful, sensual lifts that look like poetry in motion. Add romantic music to the mix, and it will definitely be a sight to behold. No wonder it is sometimes referred to as “Artistry on Ice” because watching two people gliding flawlessly on ice and gracefully floating on air seems to have a therapeutic effect on us.

Oh, and the ice dancers? Watching them dance gracefully across the ice, their movements in such harmony that they look so natural together. In fact, it is impossible not to think that these dancers are real-life couples. Such is the case between ice dancers Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron. Despite their unbridled chemistry on the ice, they insisted that they don’t have a relationship off it.


The French ice dancers recently scorched the ice when they performed a sultry and seductive routine to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. The popular, touching ballad is the “perfect” song to compliment their near-flawless performance. They are so in-sync with each other that their every move seems to mesmerize the audience. They expressed their emotions not only through their movement but more through their facial expressions. Watching them will surely make you think they are two people who are so in love.


The French duo has clearly sealed their status as one of the best ice dancers in the world. They have won countless world championships, as well as Olympic medals. Interestingly, they have also broken 29 world records. They currently hold the world record for a free dance, short dance, as well as a combined total. Papadakis and Cizeron, who treat each other as siblings, have managed to develop an excellent partnership through years of practice.

How can two people look so perfect together?