Instead Of Telling His Daughter To Stop Taking “Sexy Selfies,” This Father Decided To Join The Fun (PHOTOS)

Most teenagers try their best to keep their parents off the internet. Once your mother or father sends you a friend request on Facebook, you have lost the battle. After Facebook, they’ll find your Instagram, and after Instagram they will find your Snapchat. It’s too much. You can’t escape them.

Just ask 19-year-old Cassie Martin. Her father found her social media accounts, and instead of having a “talk” with her about some of the photos she was posting, he decided to simply recreate them.

So when Cassie posted this shot with shrubbery on her head, her father Chris Martin decided to do the same thing…


And while that image might be painful to look at, it was even more painful to take. Chris told Us Weekly that the branch on his head was infested with bugs, “That branch on my head had tiny little bugs in it I wasn’t aware of. So as I’m sitting there trying to take a photo, I’m wondering why I’m itching so much. I guess all artists suffer for their craft.”

Some parents believe Chris is taking things too far here, but Cassie claims this is normal behavior for her father and she doesn’t mind it.

“My dad is a huge comedian in the family so when he did the pictures it was a huge laugh. The funniest reaction I get is from people my age hoping their parents don’t know how to work the internet so they can’t jump [on] the trend my dad has started.”

We have to imagine there are thousands of teenagers making their Instagram accounts private right about now. You can check out more of the photos snapped by Chris below, but just a warning…he’s hawt stuff.





Images via: Instagram