Lawyer Tells Angel at Pearly Gates There Must Be A Mistake

In theory, Lawyers are supposed to be a sign of a more civilized society. Ideally, they are folks who help settle disagreements in court between two parties without them resorting to violence. Well, that’s the ideal anyway. In truth, there are many lawyers who seek to exploit the system and cheat folks out of their hard-earned money. Worst of all, a lot of them help write complex laws and regulations that only lawyers can understand, further cementing their advantage within society. Of course, there are times when we are glad to have them at our service, that is until we see their bill!

At the age of 42, Fred, the lawyer died suddenly. He got to the pearly gates of Heaven. ‘We have been waiting a long time for you,’ said the angel standing there.

‘How is that possible? I am only 42, why did I have to die now?’

’42? Fred, you are 88,’ replied the angel.

‘Wait a minute. Then you have the wrong guy, I am only 42. I can prove it, I can show you my birth certificate.’

‘Wait a sec, let me check,’ said the angel, and disappeared.

After a few minutes returned and said, ‘I am sorry, but by our records, you are 88. I’ve just re-checked all the hours billed to clients, and you have to be 88…’