Let’s Talk About The World’s First HEAD TRANSPLANT

While it hasn’t happened yet, it is scheduled to take place in December of this year. It will be performed on a patient with a rare form of terminal spinal muscular atrophy who has been wheelchair-bound his entire life.

The goal? To transplant his head onto ANOTHER BRAIN-DEAD BODY SO HE CAN FUNCTION.

The surgery is supposed to take over 36 hours, involve 150 nurses and doctors, and cost around $11 million.

The Italian neurosurgeon (who is oddly sexualized because reasons) scheduled to perform this surgery has been working on this technique for over 30 years.

30 freakin’ years!

So, essentially the entity of his career has been spent trying to figure out whether or not we can slap other people’s heads onto completely different bodies and then exist.

If so, this procedure could provide a degree of life to many that would otherwise never be experienced.

If not, then I see many medical banana memes coming in 2018.

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I mean, really Sergio? A banana to represent the entity of the spinal cord?

You couldn’t have used something with, at the very least, a few more sinewy ends? Like when you rip a piece of celery in half?

Anyway, watch this incredible video of a doctor talking about the statistics of this surgery, and the theory behind it, in the video below.

Man. What a time to be alive.


Featured image courtesy of Biopop.