Luxembourg’s First Gentleman Poses With First Ladies And It Is Everything We Had Hoped For

You want to talk about progress? Then, let’s talk about progress.

The first openly gay European Union leader was elected in December 2013. Since then, he has pushed boundaries within his Democratic Party and vowed to work on issues such as same-sex marriage and cutting back Luxembourg’s spending in order to maintain their triple-A credit rating.

Then, in 2015, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel married his long-time boyfriend, Gauthier Destenay. They had been together since March 2010.

Their marriage was welcomed throughout the throngs of Europe, and their cheers ended with a welcomed visit to the Vatican, where the Pope “treated them like any other married couple.”

But, our wonderful story picks up when Luxembourg’s truly first First Gentleman posed with many other world leaders’ wives and partners.

Image courtesy of NATO.

When the couple married, celebrations rang out across the countries while their adorable wedding was posted in a series of pictures and Twitter congratulations.

When the world feels as if it is caving in on itself, and the overwhelming sense of being thrust back into the 1930s seems imminent, just remind yourself that Catholic Luxembourg openly voted for the world’s first-ever openly gay Prime Minister, and that openly gay Prime Minister legally married his partner.

And the country wholeheartedly supports it.


Featured image courtesy of Imgur.