Meet Empress Elisabeth Of Austria, Most Miserable Princess EVER

When you think of princesses – you think of lavish and elegant castles nestled within countless riches and exquisite décor. However, that was simply not the case for Empress Elisabeth of Austria – deemed the most miserable Princess ever in history.

In fact, Elizabeth was one of the most famously distraught royals to ever draw a breath. Not only did she despise the snotty and nepotistic Habsburg court – but also spent as much time as possible far from Vienna. She especially hated being around her plodding husband and his so-called royal subjects.


This was mainly due to the unparalleled shyness of the Princess, which resulted in a ton of intentional missed public appearances and many an empty chair at state dinners and formals. According to critics, Elisabeth also feuded endlessly with her over-dominating mother-in-law. This led to the Princess taking never ending trips drifting across Europe, while immersing herself in poetry and flaunting a private yet public privileged life.


Also known as Sisi, the Princess was as complicated and high-strung as they come. She was also a self-loathing narcissist who vehemently opposed the rules and regulations of society and monarchy as a whole. Sadly, this led to an extreme loss of identity – one that was never, ever repaired or found again during her tumultuous reign.


While her beauty was heralded across Europe and the world – Elisabeth truly showcased the earliest signs of self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and a quest for self- identification, connection, and knowledge.


All images via Jezebel.