Meteorologist Dad Goes Pure SAVAGE On Daughter’s Weather App – It’s Awesome (TWEETS)

Chris Holcomb, the top meteorologist at WXIA-TV in Atlanta, GA, knows his weather but when his daughter questioned his latest snow prediction he had a hilarious response.

Holcomb meticulously calculated the area in which snow showers would affect his Atlanta viewing sector and, after reporting that information live, he received the following text from his daughter:

Photo via Buzzfeed.

At first Holcomb’s reaction was just normal, brushing the criticism off his shoulders and replying with “Thank You.” But then, as if the deep meteorologist inside plucked the arrows out it’s wounded ego, Holcomb texted again, stating:

“Maybe your weather app with pay for your college.”

Knowing his fans and audience often enjoyed these types of real life interactions more than his own weather predictions Holcomb posted it on Twitter.

People thought Holcomb’s response to his daughter was both ruthless and absolutely hilarious.

What was even more hilarious is that meteorologists from all over the country found this tweet not only hilarious but inspiring for their own future responses. The brotherhood of the weatherman was strong that day.

Just so everyone knows, it did snow in Atlanta, even if Holcomb’s totals were a little off. Oh, and don’t worry, Holcomb plans to still help his daughter get through college.

Featured image via Buzzfeed