One Country Gives Hope For Drivers Who Need A Potty Break

How many times have you felt the urge to stop for a toilet break while driving but couldn’t? Usually public toilets are nowhere to be found when you really need them, and stopping the car to look for one will only make you lose your mind. The other option is to enter a shop and purchase something in order to use┬áthe toilet, right? All these options seem complex and usually push drivers to simply endure.

However, the drivers of the Chinese city of Xi’an are in luck. Free parking spaces have been recently introduced for the purpose of taking toilet breaks. There are 50 of these public toilets in this city so far. These spaces are clearly marked in yellow. Drivers who park here have a 15-minute limit to use the space, otherwise they are fined. My only concern is how long will it take for the mess to get cleaned. Well, I’m concerned for the person who might have to see someone else’s mess. Good luck with that!

For further details please refer to the article by BBC.


Featured image via Pinterest