Photographer Captures Twins 100th Birthday In Adorable Photo Shoot

Twin sisters Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi recently celebrated their 100th birthdays in a unique way by participating in a special photo shoot.

The photos, taken by photographer Camila Lima, were captured in the city of Vitória in Brazil. The result was both beautiful and whimsical.

Lima told ABC News she heard about the sisters after watching a report on her local news. She often snaps photos of older couples as a way to inspire young couples, so decided to reach out to the sisters to see if they would be interested in participating in a shoot to mark their very special birthdays. The twins agreed and participated in a two-hour shoot where they were treated to hair styling and makeup and donned pink and blue dresses. Lima said the two women were excited and completely cooperated, never complaining once about being tired. The lovely ladies were also very pleased with the final result.

“I was aware of their existence and I decided to give them a present with this beautiful photographic essay. They are beautiful and very cute! I’ve never met anyone so old, especially twins. They deserve it and the rehearsal was beautiful,” said Lima.

What a great way for the sisters to commemorate their 100th birthdays! And how cute are those photos?! Here’s to hoping I have as much spunk and style if the Lord wills I make it to their age!