Meet Quimera, The Beautiful Two-Faced Cat That Everyone Is Going Nuts Over

All cats are wonderful, but every now and again, a cat turns up that is so unique that takes the world by storm. Meet Quimera, a stunning two-faced cat with different colored eyes.

Quimera cat green eyes blue eyes

Quimera lives in Argentina with her humans. She’s named for the genetic condition that’s responsible for her beautiful, unusual look: chimera.

Chimera cat Quimera

Chimera is caused by the fusion of two embryos from one single organism.

To further explain, when chimerism occurs in animals, they are formed from at least four parent cells, two fertilized eggs or early embryos fused together.

Beautiful chimera cat Quimera

In this case, each population of cells retains its own character and the resulting animal is a  mixture of tissues.

Quimera odd eyed cat

Genetic chimerism in felines is more common than people realize, but some cats just show the traits more than others.

Quimera cat laying down

In Quimera, the color split runs straight down the middle of her body, and her different colored eyes—one blue and one greenish-yellow—really contrast beautifully.

Two faced Quimera Chimera cat

Quimera’s color split also continues down her chest all the way to her front legs, with reversed sides.

Two faced chimera cat

She is simply exquisite. What an unusual gorgeous kitty. All photos are via Quimera’s Instagram.