Someone Farted at a City Council Meeting and Chaos Ensued

In every courtroom or council meeting, fun and laughter are not typical and normal. What you would regularly see are serious and stern faces that spell business, including furrowed brows and pensive stares by the officials.

However, one particular council meeting experienced something different—somewhat out of the ordinary. In the viral video, which is more than a minute long, the meeting started on a serious note with the proceeding going on as per usual day to day meeting goes. However, in the middle of the discussion, someone in the council or maybe the people present dropped a shocking bomb.

Image credit: YouTube

A loud and smelly bomb. A bomb that no one would ever expect in a serious environment. Everyone present in the room heard and maybe even smelled the explosion of breaking wind. It seems that someone had a heavy breakfast before they attended the meeting that contributed to that gassy morning. With that simple yet normal body reaction, the meeting was disrupted.

Image credit: YouTube

The unexpected event which prompted one of the council to say “that’s the first.” causes a massive amount of laughter in the commonly serious meeting room. Some people in the council still try to salvage the situation by continuing the meeting as if nothing hysterical had happened. However, the serious moment has already been broken; even how hard they try to stifle their laughter, they cannot help but giggle because of the hilarity of the situation that you can witness below:

Although farting is not something out of the ordinary, and it is what all normal people do on a regular basis. Farting while you are in the crowded space, most unfortunate, in a very serious and important situation, can be really embarrassing. Whoever releases that Kraken surely did not expect that he/she will cause a memorable moment in that room.