Stephen Hawking Has A Powerful Message For People Who Suffer From Depression

Stephen Hawking is far more than just one of the greatest minds around. He is also one of the greatest of all inspirations to others. He developed the symptoms of ALS at the age of 21. His career was on the brink of taking off when this disease afflicted him.

ALS didn’t cripple his spirit

Though this illness did cripple his body, Hawking’s mind remained sharp, and it didn’t permit him to wallow in a river of negativity. If anything, he totally dedicated himself to theoretical physics with more determination.

Doctors gave him two to three years to live. However, this didn’t stop Hawking. He continued to do his work and is now known worldwide for his scientific research.

A special lecture on how to handle bad times

Hawking did learn to handle bad times. A lot of these bad times were about his condition. However, he does know, he has much to be grateful about. This was something he openly shared at a recent lecture in London.

Hawking isn’t able to speak, move, and is tied to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Nonetheless, he’s been able to communicate through technology, and has made comparisons between black holes and depression.

There’s a way out of a black hole……

Hawking had the following to say: “What the main message of this lecture is all about is this. Black holes aren’t as black as they appear to be painted. They aren’t eternal prisons. There are things that can get out of a black hole safely on the outside and go to another universe. Therefore, if you feel you are inside of a black hole, refuse to give up. There is a way out!”

Look up and never look down!

Always remember to keep gazing up at the stars and never down at your feet. Don’t give up on work. It is what does give you meaning and purpose in life.

Hawking’s lecture also had a message of positive inspiration

If you happen to be disabled, it most probably wasn’t your fault, but it would be wrong to blame the world and expect them to pity you. Make sure to have a positive attitude and make the best out of any situation you may find yourself in.

If life does decide to hand you bitter lemons, don’t absorb the sour, take the lemons and still use them somehow.

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