Sylvester Stallone Asks Teen Daughter Who Would She Prefer As Dad: Rocky or Rambo?

There seems to be an almost inherent instinct in a dad’s DNA to tease and annoy their teen daughters as much as humanly possible. While we tend to think of teens as young people who’ve not learned to take life seriously enough, the truth is that there are certain aspects of their social life they take very seriously — like dating, for instance.

And for any dad with a teenage daughter, the prospect of her going out on dates with boys is horrifying. And no dad’s immune to this fear, even legendary Hollywood action stars like Sylvester Stallone. A few years ago, Stallon was parked in a car with his teen daughter and recorded a short video in which he asked her who she would prefer as her dad, Rocky or Rambo. Check it out.

While her answer wasn’t surprising, neither was dad’s response! I think millions of dads and daughters can relate to this video; please be sure to share it with your friends and family.