5 Terrifying Gadgets From Your Nightmares

There are some things in this world that need to remain secret… Hidden things that should never be brought to light. Some spy gadgets that have been revealed to the world have been implemented in some of the most notorious crimes in this world’s history, and it’s all because people were willing to push the boundaries of what was acceptable for technology.

And this list of terrifying technology and hacks is no different.

So, go ahead. Take a look at a comprehensive list of things that should have never seen the light of day. Maybe one day we will learn our lesson.

But, I think this list proves we might not.

I’ve Always Wanted To Be Loki (via Mashable and GeekTyrant)

This gadget makes your phone conversations private as well as fulfills your fantasy of being a centuries-old God that was arrested for trying to take over Earth.

Privacy has never been so unwanted.

I’ve Always Wanted To Hear Voices (via Holosonics)

While this photo looks like the most relaxing grocery store run in the history of grocery stores, this product emits sound with the precision of lasers. This is a fancy way of saying someone can direct sound your way without others around you hearing it. Just what I’ve wanted: a disembodied voice whispering softly about the daily flash sale on grapes.

Stop Making The Zombie Apocalypse Possible! (via Hyperbaric Store)

Y’all, scientists have been able to successfully find a way to program viruses and bacteria to specific DNA genes in order to cure them. Yes, lab-replicated inoculations that have the potential to be administered to the patient without ever undergoing medications has been projected to happen within our generation. Plus side? It can be tailored to our specific DNA. Down side? Bio-terrorists.

You’re gonna need some gloves and a hairnet when you leave in the morning.

I Didn’t Ask For This (via PC Mag)

3-D printers have become a fairly normal thing in society. While the average person doesn’t have one in their home, hospitals are already using it to print things like waterproof casts for broken bones. Yay for saving money on medical costs! But, did you know you can also print guns? And bombs?? And friggin’ plastic fronts to ATM terminals!? In 2011, thieves managed to steal almost half a million dollars with one of those things! And, in 2013, law student Cody Wilson successfully printed a fully-functioning .380 caliber handgun. Can you say bye-bye to the protection of metal detectors?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

NO, YOU GUYS (via FutureSparks)

I have to admit, I didn’t know what geoengineering was until I stumbled across it looking up things for this article, and while it isn’t technically “technology,” it is petrifying. Apparently, some brilliant minds decided since global warming is caused by things we produce that aren’t natural, we can apparently fix it with things caused by us that aren’t natural either. For instance, dumping iron into sea waters to encourage algae growth. That’s good, consuming that excess CO2 and everything. Except too much blooming algae at once can create dead zones in the ocean where no life can exist.

Another idea? Spraying seawater mist into clouds to make them brighter, which can reflect all that excess sunlight. Alright, ozone holes and all that jazz. Except that can spur monsoons halfway across the world.

But yeah, that sounds cool.

Sounds like a good evening to stay in. Or weekend. Or… You know, life.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.