The 10 Most Terrifying Scientific Hypotheses Known To Man

Hey there. How are you doing? Good? Great? Well, that’s about to change. Hopefully you have some towels next to your computer because your brain is about to explode.


No. 1 — False Vacuum

There are several terrifying scientific hypotheses know to man. One particular hypothesis is that the universe is actually in a false phase. In fact, many believe our universe is part of a larger universe – and that our false vacuum will pop someday. This means the universe as we know it will cease to exist –and a new universe will emerge without warning. Be prepared folks.

No. 2 — Great Filter

This theory revolves around the fact that the universe seems so filled with other possible life forms. Yet, we have not found this life, which emanates between pre-life and an advanced civilization that is capable of star colonization. As a result, there is a filter that stops them and ends life as a whole. For humans, the belief is that we are and have already passed the filter – unlike other life forms on other planets.

No. 3 — Brain in a Vat

The brain in a vat theory is that an element is utilized in a variety of thought experiments. This is intended to highlight certain features on how we formulate ideas, gather knowledge – and most importantly – how we see reality, truth, meaning, and mind perceptions. Based on this theory, the brain is the origin of all consciousness and operates on electrical impulses. External stimuli, however, can definitely affect the way the brain operates and functions.

No. 4 — Higher Dimensional Entities

As humans, we are used to seeing and interacting with each other in 2D. While we have to wear glasses to see in 3D – imagine being able to interact with 4D entities? The fact is that we cannot – since these beings view us from 4 dimensional angles, which are out of our technological reach and understanding. According to many people, “4D people” are among us, but choose not to interact.

No. 5 — The Fermi Paradox

This theory revolves around communication with other known life-forms- especially animals and insects. For example: a ten lane highway is being built right next to an ant mound. Can the ants understand why this road is being built? And if they do, will they simply move their ant mound to another location? With this in mind, do we as humans take all animal and insect considerations in mind before building our structures and necessities?

No. 6 — Roko’s Basilisk

This theory states that all-powerful artificial intelligence from the future – may punish those that did not assist in bringing about its existence. In other words, we as humans must take into account the importance of good deeds for mankind. This includes donating money to the less fortunate and other philanthropic and charitable endeavors.

No. 7 — Terror Management Theories

Some of the greatest fears humans have are of the unknown and death. Perhaps the greatest fear, however, is what happens after we die? In order to manage or terror theories, we seek solace and comfort in that we know and can understand. This includes family bonds, friendships, personal ethics, morals and ideologies. These, however, are still artificial and only a part of our existential terror in confronting the inevitable- death.

No. 8 — Quantum Suicide

Quantum Suicide is based on the fact that even when we die – a part of our consciousness remains alive. Does this theory, however, mean that we are immortal? The same conclusion can also relate to reincarnation, which sees humans and animals returning to earth in the physical form to tackle and uncompleted task. Unless God or a higher power deems we are fit for reentry into heaven or the celestials, we shall remain in limbo or in our current states of consciousness.

No. 9 — Transcension Hypothesis

This hypothesis proposes that once civilizations leave their known universe, they will be able to “transcend” into extra-universal domains. This thesis, however, challenges the theory of space-faring expansion after physical death. In other words, will our bodies ascend to the heavens and celestials? Or will they be transported into other unknown realms and dimensions?

No. 10 — Sixth Mass Extinction

Many biologists believe we are living through the sixth mass extinction the world has ever seen. With the global population boom, the planet and its resources are surely beginning to fade. Is this it for all of mankind? You decide.

Ah, what a lovely note to end on, but don’t be too worried. These are theories, you won’t find any evidence behind them at the moment. They’re basically extremely intelligent shower thoughts right now.