The Solution for Sweaty Summer: An Air-Conditioned Shirt

Summer brings along with is many wonderful things such as longer days, higher temperatures, and plenty of opportunities to do something fun outdoors with the whole family. But while some of us are enjoying the soaring temperatures, others are just trying to get through it without sweating buckets. For those who have perma-yellow stains beneath their pits or always look like they just finished running a marathon, I stand with you in solidarity! Or maybe sit because, you know, it’s hot as heck and we’re all sweating bullets.

Fortunately, there’s a nifty invention that keeps you cool when you’re working in hot environments, whether indoors or out. Octocool created an entire line of cooled clothing that uses two 97-millimeter wide fans in order to blow fresh air into your clothing and keep your core refreshed. People such as chefs, outdoor landscapers, labourers and factory workers can take full advantage of these cooling clothes so they can keep cool during the job. While the fans will not eliminate the need for breaks in order lower your body’s temperature and lower the risk of heat-related illnesses (heat exhaustion, heatstroke, etc.) it does serve to keep the employee more comfortable whilst working away.

Image Via Octocool

The twin fans on either side of the clothing circulate air throughout the shirt (and pants), keeping your skin dry and cool. Powered by a small rechargeable battery stored in the clothing’s inner pocket, the fans have multiple speeds to cater to each individual’s comfort level.

Image Via Octocool

When its laundry day, simply unplug the battery and remove both fans from the clothes by popping it out of its frame. Take this opportunity to charge up the battery and by the time your laundry’s done, these cool clothes are ready to serve their purpose once more.

Besides using these cooled clothing to keep you fresh while working, they also make for great pieces when you’re out and about hiking, fishing, and camping in hot climates.

Featured image: Octocool