There’s More Magic Where That Toy Story Duet Came From

This might not be a tale as old as time, and by now your heart has probably already melted with the four-year-old, Claire Ryann, singing along with her dad “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” – if you haven’t seen their amazing performance, you gotta watch it here.

But it turns out that the Tiny Musician, as social media knows her, has been living the Disney fairytale for a long time and she rocks it.

Via Instagram

Apparently it all started when her parents, Dave and Ashley Crosby, used their talents to transform their daughter’s favorite movies into the most amazing adventures. From The Little Mermaid (which got Claire into a movie!), to Anastasia, a real-life Tangled scene, Mulan, Beauty and The Beast… I mean, the family has been creating pure magic ever since.

via Instagram

Here are two of my favorite videos from their YouTube channel.


Aren’t they adorable? Crosbys, you’ve got a fan in me!

Featured image via Instagram