These 100 Calorie Flavored Vodka Freezies Are Just What We Need for Summer 2020

Being an adult is hard work. You’re grinding at work day in and day out (sometimes working multiple jobs), handling family life while trying to maintain your sanity during these unprecedented times. Sometimes you need to kick back and relax in our own personal ways. To unwind, some of us turn to our artistic sides and unleash the power of our creativity. But for most of us, the best way is to go outside and unwind with a nice cold beer.

But what if you have kiddos running around? Or even worse, the suspicious eyes of a judgemental neighbour who hates your every move through the cracks in your fence? If the latter sounds familiar, then you may want to first board up those peeping tom holes and maybe call law enforcement, because that’s creepy as hell. But if you want to sip on some adult beverages while maintaining your auspicious aura, then perhaps a Vodka Skinny Freezer is the best way to chill out while hanging out!

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Containing a mere 100 calories each, Skinny Freezers come in multiple flavours sure to tickle everyone’s fancy. The names (such as the Cosmopolitan and Appletini) are reminiscent of classic cocktails sure to tickle everyone’s fancy. And if wine is more to your liking, they also offer Wine Freezers, which are wine cocktails in freebie forms. Freezies include Peach Mango Bellini, Strawberry Grapefruit Rossini and, my personal favorite, Blackberry Pomegranate Sangria.

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If you can’t find these Vodka Skinny Freezies or their Wine Cocktails cousins, you could always go the DIY route and try making your own! Amazon sells disposable popsicle bags that can be filled up with your favourite concoction, left overnight to freeze, and ready for consumption the next day!

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Whether it be wine, vodka, or your favorite DIY-mocktail drink, they’ll taste extra refreshing when you’re nursing one on a sweltering day!

Featured Image: OddityMall