This Centuries-Old Optical Illusion Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

More than a hundred years after it was first drawn by Joseph Jastrow, people continue to see new things in this image:


It’s a duck, right? Or is it a rabbit? It’s what’s known as a bistable–reversible– image, so it’s both at the same time.

Others have made their own version of Jastrow’s original, which debuted in 1899:



What I find most fascinating about this kind of image is that research shows most people see the duck or rabbit based on the time of year they view it. People see the rabbit more often during Easter, and the duck in the fall.

Which one do you see first? Also, how quickly can your mind switch back and forth between the two animals? Scientists tell us that the faster you can swtich proves that you are more mentally active and creative.