This Friendly Robot Chef Bakes Your Pizza While It Delivers It

Innovative pizza company Zume wants to reboot your food ordering experience. Born out of Silicon Valley tech, their food truck contains one powerful pizza-making machine. Complete with 56 separate custom-built ovens that are all coordinated with GPS and smart machine-learning algorithms.

Tech makes pizza better at Zume HQ. Via Instagram.

For the freshest pizza possible, when the food-truck recognizes it is four minutes away from its next delivery run, the corresponding ovens fire up a pizza ready to hit your address piping hot.

Unassuming food truck on the outside – amazing pizza tech within. Via Instagram.

This futuristic approach to tech pizza was founded in Mountain View, California, by former Microsoft employees Danny Meyer and Alex Garden as well as restaurant alum Julia Collins.

Thanks to programmed algorithms, the proactive pizza bot takes initiative upon opening for business every day at 11am and preps the pies. Humans do take part in the tossing of the dough and toppings placement.

A robot takes over the careful loading of the pies onto the truck after a brief par-cook. As orders are placed, the driver heads out aided by GPS that informs the ovens when to complete baking for maximum freshness.

Not your average pizza delivery.

Upon arrival, the driver simply pushes a button and the oven releases a perfect pizza which is then placed under the truck’s pneumatic slicer. The company believes in sourcing locally and using sustainable resources – the pizza is even packaged in a patented sugarcane box.