This Harlequin Romance Ad Is Getting Women Hot And Bothered At Work

Harlequin romance novels have helped countless women tap into their innermost fantasies and desires. For years, these romantic escapades have also secured millions of soap opera fans from across the globe. While under the literary genre, Harlequin books and ads have even received critical acclaim – and are some of the most popular publications in traditional and online formats.

As part of their ongoing marketing series, the publisher recently released a number of steamy and somewhat provocative ads. These ads are designed to showcase their convenient purse-friendly books, which are guaranteed to propel readers out of their cubicles at work and into the world of romantic imagination. From candlelight dinners to social gatherings, the books feature a range of dashing characters and intriguing storylines.

One particular ad focuses on a woman who is confined to her cubicle in the office. She is in need of a much needed escape – and gets rescued by a number of Harlequin characters. This includes a dapper billionaire, along with a parade of hunks like cowboys, firemen, and even Navy Seals. There are also surgeons and barbarians that accentuate the scene – and are all there to save this damsel in distress from a life of office boredom.

Here is the video of this ad that continues to get women hot and bothered at work:

While the ad seems a bit cliché, it suits the product to a tee. There is also plenty of cheeky humor, along with sexual undertones that hit the nail on the head. The essence of the ad, however, is that everyone needs an escape from their humdrum lives. Whether at work or home, these exciting novels are designed to propel you into a world of never-ending romantic stories and larger than life characters.

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