This Insane Music Video Is Meant To Be Played Forward and Backward

Get ready to make your mind rock back and forth.

A Russian band called Leningrad just released an insane music video for their new single Tattoo Artist. I had never heard of them before, despite their renowned name in Saint Petersburg, but after watching the absurd power hiding in the technical details of this video, I think no one will be forgetting their names anytime soon.

Via YouTube Screenshot

Director Ilya Naishuller is the mastermind behind this work of art; it’s not a surprise he is breaking all the rules in the audio-visual world again after watching his film Hardcore Henry – the first movie ever filmed entirely with a Go Pro.

The piece itself has a real cinematic and kind of gore beauty, but the magic relies on the way it has been edited making it possible to be played both forward and backward, making total sense both ways!

Go ahead and watch this comedy of errors with your own eyes, but beware, it’s content is a little bit savage so caution is recommended.

This is the original version: 

Then it was reversed by a YouTube user to prove how the song also syncs up perfectly to the video when played backward, and the story makes a lot more sense in chronological order.


Featured Image via YouTube Screenshot