This Man Does The Unthinkable After Sitting On His Table For Two Hours Without Ordering Anything

With our world being filled with negative news every day, it is such a relief to read about amazing and heartwarming stories. Such is this story that happened at a local Denny’s.

According to a staff member at a Denny’s located in Utah, one man went in one day and asked for a table that is being served by a single mom. Although she found it odd, she nonetheless guided the man to a table being served by a waitress who happens to be a single mom named Crystal.

For two hours, the man sat there without ordering anything. He just watched the families that came in to eat. The odd thing that he did after that is truly heartwarming.

You can read the staff member’s post here:dennys

This post is said to be from the staff member that seated the man. The post has been shared over 160,000 times and liked over 360,000 times as of Friday night.

According to her, she asked the man why he paid for the bills of the families he didn’t even know. With hurt in his eyes, he answered:

“Family is everything, I’ve lost all mine.”

She finished the post by sharing how the man was able to help Crystal with the $1500 tip he left her.

It’s not everyday you get to hear such amazing stories. It makes the world a better place to live in. Just remember that you don’t have to have more than a thousand dollars to be a blessing to anyone. Even the smallest things can be a great blessing to the right people.


When asked, Denny’s management hasn’t left a comment about the said post yet.

Image via Love What Matters Facebook Page



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