This Man Spends 8 Hours Creating Jack-O-Lanterns That Are Masterpieces

Some may think that being retired is as boring as life can get. But this retiree from Utah made use of his free time to do something amazing that kids and even adults in his neighborhood can enjoy. For 20 years, Ken Klinker carves 50-60 foam pumpkins between September until Halloween. He then displays it in his yard and even around his community in Farmington. Each creation can take up to 8 hours to make because of its intricate details. Every season, he would display 50-275 of them in his yard.

When asked why he uses foam pumpkins, he said that he preferred it compared to the real one because the reals ones are then thrown away while the foam pumpkin can be used every year. Allowing him to increase his collection yearly. “I used to carve real pumpkins all the time but then I’d spend several hours carving and I’d have to just throw it away, eventually I started carving foam pumpkins so I could keep them from year to year.”

His passion for these carvings started when he used to carve pumpkins for his kids. He usually just carve triangles for the eyes and nose like what is commonly done, but one day he decided to pick up a book with patterns in it. Once the light popped out on him, he got addicted to the intricate details and how the lights show it. “I used to carve the regular triangle eyes and nose for my kids and one day I bought a book with patterns in it. When I put a light in it the picture popped out at me and I got hooked on carving the more intricate patterns.”

Some of his favorites are a skeleton stirring a ship.

And Captain Jack Sparrow.

Here are some of his work.

Spooky Mickey Mouse.


Little Red Riding Hood and the wicked wolf.


Snow White’s Evil Queen stepmother.

What’s your favorite?