Ingenious Parent Figures Out a Way for Contact-Free Trick-or-Treating

Are you worried about how the coronavirus pandemic is going to affect your favorite spooky holiday? Well, if you’re one of those who are panicking, unsure of what will become of Halloween, this DIY tutorial might soothe your troubled soul. News flash: a couple from Austin, Texas may just have saved one of the most awaited events of the year from being canceled! The answer? A bunch of PVC pipes and other simple materials that are easily found in stores or even at home. Thanks to this ingenious trick, we may just keep the virus at bay while enjoying our holiday.

As fall season started creeping in, a lot of people began to be consumed by the thoughts of the annual trick or treat tradition. So, Jay Grenier and his wife Jaimie Nakae decided to take the load off people’s minds and find an easy solution for everyone to follow. Being famous for their interesting easy DIY project videos in YouTube, the two knew exactly what to do. “You can’t cancel a holiday,” said Jay. But, of course, pushing through comes with ample challenges. And the incredible pair made sure to give everyone the necessary defense for that. Introducing, the candy slides!

The duo, famously known as the Wicked Makers, created a resourceful how-to video to teach everyone a simple way to construct a candy chute in just 10 minutes! “We wanted to make it super easy and accessible for anyone,” Jaimie said. “Anyone can build this using a minimal amount of tools and materials easily found at Lowe’s or Home Depot.” The slide is at least six feet long, allowing everyone to keep a safe distance whilst sharing sweets to the excited trick-or-treaters. The masterpiece also comes with a design that makes it appear like a Halloween decoration. And the people were thrilled with the idea!

Watch the interesting video below and learn how to make this easy candy zip line.

Maybe, just maybe, COVID-19 won’t be scaring the ghostly holiday away after all. Such a cool creation! Now the question is, will it actually work? Tell us what you think!