Dad Chokes Back Tears as Teen Daughter Sings Heartbreak Song After Breakup

Do you remember your first love? We all do. For most of us, we were teenagers and our first love inevitably ended in heartbreak. That is unless we were the ones breaking someone else’s heart, and hey, we’ve all been there, right? Nevertheless, everyone gets their heart broken at some point, and the pain is excruciating.

I will never forget my daughter’s first heartbreak. She found out her 14-year-old boyfriend “cheated” on her, and I will never un-heart the gut-wrenching sobs that came from her bedroom for hours. I went into her room periodically to comfort her, and her sweet little brother stopped just short of entering his sister’s bedroom, leaning against the doorframe and saying “You’re a good girl, you’ve got a lot going for you.”

How to survive a breakup heartbreak

It was easy for me to say all of the things that we instinctively want to say in these situations, such as “This was just a first love, you’ll get over it.” It was also easy for me to point out to her that someday she would look back on this and see it totally different. In fact, with this particular boy, I knew that someday she would see this guy as a dodged bullet. However, I refrained from saying these things to my sweet little girl because I knew that regardless of how small this heartbreak was in the great scheme of things, the pain was as raw and real as any other heartbreak anyone has ever felt.

As parents, we feel the pain of our children acutely. We can’t help it. It’s possible that I was angry at this boy for longer than my daughter was. A dad named Jewell Richins recently experienced this when he watched his daughter go through her first heartbreak.

Jewell Richins daughter breakup

In an Instagram post, Jewell posted that “I was the first man in her life and will continue to love her unconditionally.” So true, and so perfectly said. Jewell is the father of seven children, and it looks like he’s doing an excellent job with these kids. Watch below as his daughter belts out “I Will Never Love Again” by Lady Gaga.

Who can ever forget their first heartbreak? Hang in there, young lady. You’re going to find the most wonderful love in the world someday.

Do you want to hear the entire song by Lady Gaga? Here’s the video.

So beautiful.

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